Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Celda 211" in Europe On Screen, Erasmus Huis, Jakarta.

Hey! I just arrived from The cultural center of Netherlands. I went there to see european movie screening. I actually planned to see this movie from czech republic, but i thought the movie wasn't suitable for my age, so i decided to watch this spanish movie called "Celda 211" (translation: cell 211)

The movie was mainly about this guy, Juan Oliver who was accidentally trapped in a prison riot. Juan had to pretend that he was one of the inmates to protect himself from those horrible terrorists. the movie was pretty entertaining. there were few inappropriate scenes though... inappropriate as in violence.. the first scene i saw was this guy, hurting his arms so he could consume morphine... it was horrible. i saw blood there in the sink, like red water... God, it was horrible. 

Actually when i first got there, i had this concern about the subtitle. cause i dont speak spanish that well, so yeah i was concerning about it. and um, well finally i asked this girl named Atha about the subtitle thingy. and she told me that the subtitle would be in english for non-english movies, and would be in dutch for english movies. Thank god! God dank! or gracias a dios! (I don't really know whether god dank means thank god or not, so don't use it)

After watching such an awesome movie, i got this little goodie bag from Nestle! free food, free movie screening.... pleasure! hahahaha

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