Saturday, November 26, 2011

Late night thought

written on Moe's, November 21 2011

When you love someone, there comes this easy thought that you'll do something irrational just to please someone you love. and you'll cry eventually, just right before you sleep, feeling untrusted. and you start to remember how things used to be so easy, and somehow make sense. and you start to compare then and now. and you'll remember what per name he first called you, and what rant he just shouted at you today. and how he used to react to your stories about other people, and how he reacted just now. how many exaggerated flattery he had said to you. and how many false accusations he had claimed now. 

why bother, telling "love"? we all hurt at the end. I am invisible in your world. But, You are no longer invisible in mine. what lame is, you're getting meaner and meaner and angrier. like a volcano. we were too fucking happy, and ended up insecure shitless. "prove this, prove that." both you and i insisted. now it doesn't matter anymore. what you did, then it's done. what now? nothing. save it for another day.

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