Monday, August 4, 2014

One May See,

We have eyes so we can absorb the lights. But still, lights can be absent sometimes. And that's why people's opinions can be so dark. I've worked my ass off to keep things the same. I thought little changes wouldn't be so distracting as things had changed before and we kept on going. But you know, one may see, that it's not "we" anymore. it's more like, "me". I can feel it. It's like, we were in a train going somewhere, but you left to the wrong station. I've worked my ass off to make you stay. You gave me beautiful sunrises, but always, always ugly sunsets. It's like, you're saying that I'm not worth fighting for, when you haven't even been fighting. It's like this time, you don't stop cause you never start. You may see, that You should have gotten more than what I have offered. You may see that I haven't worked hard enough, and that I shouldn't have obtained what I thought I should obtain. People may see differently and so may I. I may see that I've worked hard enough, and you're just being ungrateful son of a bitch. Lights can be absent sometimes, one may see when they again shine.

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