Monday, August 4, 2014

Words in Abundance

Greetings folks! Writing is an easy thing to do but there are always reasons that turn me all the way around when I try to reach my computer or my mother's laptop. Writing needs courage. I must've got the guts writing what I feel at random times on my blog. It's like, exposing yourself, declaring how you feel at one time isn't easy. Sometimes, fear swallows you, so you decide not to write. Another reason I decide not to write is.. my mother's laptop needs to be charged 100%  before I start to blog. My mother's laptop can not be charged when it's on, it can only be charged when it's off. I don't like blogging my writings halfway, it gives me anxiety. In the other side, sometimes I just don't feel like it. Not like I'm not inspired or anything. I daydream a lot. It's just that I don't immediately write what I think at random times, I have to be home and be with my laptop and the wifi should be on. And going home needs time and stuff, and when I log on to blogspot, I don't feel like writing anymore.

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