Sunday, September 21, 2014

Je Vais Bien, Ne T'en Fais Pas

I was randomly looking for movies to watch. Looking for them in alphabetical order. And I found this french movie "Je Vais Bien, Ne T'en Fais Pas". And it's worth writing for. It really is.
Translating it to English, the title actually  means "I'm fine, don't worry." this movie is based on a novel by Olivier Adam.

The movie is about a girl, a sister, whose twin brother split from home with an unknown cause. The movie starts with Lili (Melanie Laurent) arrived in France from Spain, she introduced her friend Lea to her family. And when they got in a car, her father told her that Loic (her brother) had split from home. Lili asked why, her parents told her that Loic and her father were fighting over his room.

VERY UNBELIEVABLE, right? The most uncommon reason for someone to run away from home.
 They told her that Loic had been gone for like, 5 days.

Lili left many messages for Loic. But Loic didn't reply them all For months she had been waiting for him. She waited for him with all her might. She even lost her appetite, her interests, she lost herself.

This movie gives you total curiosity. Like, every scene changes with the cause of curiosity. Some acts are kind of peculiar, but unique in a way. Many thoughts will drown you in infinite questions. "Where the hell did Loic go?" or "Why did Loic leave home?" so many questions. 

But don't expect too much on the ending. Don't expect it'll be a tangible ending. I had no idea this movie would end that way. But the ending is kind of unique. You can actually conclude what really happened and how the characters felt after finding out the truth, and the uh.. the ending really shows you what it's like sincerely letting go. 

I suggest you to watch this movie, it's full of surprises. and I like how the movie gave me this feeling, when I watch the ending part. It kind of gave me chills, but in a good way. So yeah. You better watch it.

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