Friday, March 13, 2015

Indonesia Fashion Week 2015

I want to share this unshared experience about Indonesia Fashion Week. I actually have attended this event 3 times, but I've never had the chance to write about it. The first IFW I attended was the one back in 2013, I attended Lenny Agustin's fashion show, and I met my friend, Even, at the venue. And IFW 2014, I went there with my eternal partner in events, she's my friend, Qya. And this year's IFW I went there with my friends Patricia and Monica.

People sometimes wonder where I got the invitations for various events from movie screening and fashion show, and gallery opening, the answer is, just look it up online. I got my ID for Indonesia Fashion Week by participating Sunday Dress Up. So it's like, the uh, the fashion parade campaign kind of thing. So Patricia and Monica joined the campaign also, so they got their own IDs.  

Anyways, Monica ditched early, so she missed the most amazing fashion show I've ever seen. It was Aura Putri and Anne Avantie's fashion show. well in their section, there were 2 fashion shows though, I mean they showed their collection separately, but they're in the same section. So yeah it's the best fashion show package ever. 
So many people attended. I didn't get the chance to sit on the front row. So many important people came; from designers, bloggers, so many people. Honestly, I wasn't excited because it was about Indonesia's modernized-traditional collections.. and I've never been a fan of Indonesia's traditional clothes. But the moment I saw the collections, I was like shit, this thing will freak the shit out of Chanel and Versace. They were really great! The way the models brought the collections, and music, lighting, everything, is wow. They even hired this theatrical singer! It was very luxurious, very stunning. I enjoyed it. And I'm like super proud of Kebaya because it's really that awesome.

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