Friday, March 13, 2015

Java Jazz 2015

This is a picture of whom I worked with during Java Jazz 2015. I applied as a volunteer in promotion division, and they accepted me! YAY. One day not too long ago, I was creating a CV and I was thinking maybe I should apply to Java Jazz. I mean I've always wanted to be a volunteer in Java Jazz, so I did apply, and they emailed me for the interview, and I got accepted yay. I was hired in the information booth, where people would ask you tons of questions and you have to answer them all and you can't say that you don't know, yeah. It was quite hectic, but I really honestly truthfully enjoyed it.

I met so many funny people from all over Indonesia, and they were all crazy and they were all so fun to work with and to hang out with. One thing I learned a lot from Java Jazz is that I'm actually able to predict what kind of people I'm facing to. Like when someone approached, I could actually guess the temperament they had or the things that they would do when they weren't satisfied with the answers, I could really predict that. It's awesome. 

I didn't have the chance to watch the Jazz performances, because I was tired as hell and my daddy would pick me up on time so yeah. It was a super great experience, I would give it a go again next year. There's not much to tell but so much to express. It's a really wonderful experience I couldn't imagine I would be so patient handling so many people from all over the world from indo-speaking to God-knows-what-speaking, I really couldn't believe I did it. Great work, promotion division! I hope I will see you all again next year.


Christy Magdalena said...

Hello! Glad to find your post here. I'm interested to join being a volunteer this year, but still clueless abt the jobdesc of the divisions. The information given in the website doesn't meet my curiosity. May I know what kind of work promotion division has to do? Thank you in advance.

fidya zahra said...


Hello Christy,
I'm sorry for the late response, it's just that I didn't get the notification right away, so.. yeah.

Promotion division handles things related to media relations, information booth, press conference, and other stuff. I was assigned in information booth, I was responsible of every question that the visitors would ask during the festival. In the other side, my friend was assigned in Kaskus Booth, if kaskus wanted to hold a mini talkshow, meet n greet, or other activities that are related to the talents that performed in Java Jazz, my friend took part in coordinating the media, the sponsor booth, and the performer's crews.

There were a lot of sub-divions in Promotion Divison but I don't remember the whole subs, so yeah. But Promotion division was so much fun, I'm going to sign up as a volunteer again this year.

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