Monday, November 14, 2016


It's been quite a LONG time since I last wrote in this blog. Looks like we are almost in the edge of the year. I've been doing something else, besides writing. I've been writing captions and creating contents for this fashion brand in the past 3 months, and I've never been better. It feels like I am going back to that one day, where I was obsessed with fashion magazines and desperately wanting to be a part of them. 

This is my third year in the university and things have been pretty well in here. Though I don't really like the activities here, I am still grateful to be able to learn communications in this early age. In less than two years, I'm expecting myself to graduate and look for jobs. No, I don't want to be a public relations officer. Instead, I'm applying as a reporter in fashion magazine or a creative team in an advertising agency. I totally can see myself in those jobs.

Being 20 years old is making me frantic all the time. It's not like, dreams are still far. Reality is coming really really soon and I just, start to lose myself day by day, every second of it. What makes me come back is when I think about my childhood. So many plans were made with perfect confusion and anxiety. But they were so, simple. "I want to be a writer", "I want to be a psychologist", "I want to be a linguist", "I want to be a neurologist", "I want to create an organization called UNEB (United Nations Egality of Beliefs)", "I want to create School Survival Indonesia". They were as simple as picturing my old imaginary friend, Dolly Wita. So I think about my childhood in my mean time, reminding myself who I was, and what I wanted. In the end, I feel okay again. 

In 6 years I'm probably gonna be married and dealing with these annoying parents-in-law relations. pfft.

I haven't learned any new languages in the past 3 years except, Korean. I mean I think the amount of their vocabulary is not as much as English or Indonesian, so I think I kind of understand the very basic Korean conversation now. 

It's quite a mess, if you're wondering how I'm doing. I have deadlines, unwanted voluntary activities (ind: kepanitiaan kampus tai kucing), and jobs, and this CSR program coming up this vacation. I'm a mess, really. Even my boyfriend knows about it. If he was a social network, his name would be "" as I've been complaining about so so many things to him. 

And I don't see the point of undergraduate thesis.
I don't see the point at all.

I'm talking rubbish today.

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