Tuesday, November 13, 2012


This happened 2 weeks. After watching this french movie, "La Guerre est Declaree", I met someone. And I've been thinking about what she said about me. she was being so relaxed. she was being so, stoic. She's a psychology student. she's my new friend. and she took a guess on me.
"You're still a child, aren't you?" said she.
"What do you mean?" said I.
"You're still a child. it shows." 
"And? what else?"
There was silence between us. It took time for her to take another guess. I was observing her face as she was still taking a guess on me. 
And she finally said, "You've been sad. you're a sad person."
I felt my heart was pumping fast. "No, only lately." I confessed.
"Seems like you're not comfortable with your new surrounding..." she said softly.
I swear I would've cried that time. I would've spit the anger and the sorrow out of me, but I didn't. I nodded, then I took a sip of my tea.

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