Sunday, November 25, 2012

My theory of relativty

The conclusion of Einstein's theory of relativity is that every object creates its own gravity. But he didn't mention that abstract objects can make their own gravities too. For examples, history, the reversing circulation of fashion, the war cycle, the genocide cycle. they all create rotation, they all create revolution. they all create orbits. Concrete objects might be measurable, and scientifically proven that they live in their own orbits. but abstract ones are also noticeable, although you can always presume the same events as what you call... coincidence. but in the other side... haven't you realized that our energy never dies? that if your soul is gone, body is buried under the ground, and we will rot, we'll be eaten by worms, worms will make the ground healthy, so many plants will grown on it... and people will eat the plants, so do animals.. and some of them will die again, and create the whole cycle again. energy. energy isn't concrete. it is abstract. so is people's mind, and the way of thinking process in every human. it's abstract, it's energy. it has relations to other objects that'll make the same orbits all over again. life cycle.
you create your own orbit. you can give nfluence other objects. don't let them give their infulence to you. 

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