Saturday, November 3, 2012

L'Amour, La Folie, et La Diète

Hello, November. A very nice greeting from you since I let my tears pouring waterfall last night. Love is nice, love is kind, my sister-ish friend said that. But self is impatient, self is insecure, self is, mad. I knew this was going to happen. It is just, some kind of a karma, where you hurt someone, then someone will hurt you. No big deal. I'll get through it. myself of course is not perfect nor immaculate. shall I need a future life-fixing to gain better achievements. pretty sad to be honest, according to the fact that this has happened many times before. what a shame. I'll start having a short-term anhedonia, of course. Then I'll eat biscuits everyday, losing my appetite. Maybe I'll become thinner and thinner, so I'll look great in Jakarta Fashion Week next week. 
Dear November ma cherie, be nice. 

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