Saturday, January 5, 2013


I made a mistake today. I ate rice. I am on my carb diet, baby. But I ate rice, then drank sweet tea.

I was so hungry last night I almost made myself some instant noodles, but I didn't. I didn't drink either. Silly me. This morning I began to starve again and was ready to make myself some noodles until my grandma told me that the instant noodles are all gone. And she made me this.. soup. this beef soup. And she wanted me to eat it with rice. I was like.. "okay."

So I ate it in front of her. I only took a bit though. Then I was looking for diabetic sugar, but I couldn't find it... So I made myself a cup of tea with regular sugar, now I feel like I am 3 months pregnant. so fucking fat. 

I really really don't know how to get rid of these fatty thighs, I have been browsing fat burning tutorial videos, but they didn't seem so.. fun. So I didn't do it. Maybe I will ask my uncle how to get rid of this fat, but he's not in town, so I.. don't know.

I am going to see a movie today, and I will make sure I won't eat any pop corn, and no more sugary tea, no more dairy product, coffee included. 

I'm kinda glad that school starts tomorrow, I will burn calories more at school and I am just soo happy with it. 

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