Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I remember what Effy said to Freddie before she tried to kill herself. "Too fucking happy...." That's what she said. Wow even happiness can make people crazy... when I thought it was supposed  to be people's satisfaction.But the excessive amount of it is what destroying her self-control. So I asked my dad, "Is it okay to be euphoric?" and he told me. "No, You can not be too happy, too sad, too hungry, too full, too longing, too wanting, too caring, too worried, anything too much is dangerous." and I began to remember my "messy" post. I was one of them. Then dad told me, "They are.. self-centered, and obviously egoistic. Did they take a second to think about others who are being sad when they're showing that they're happy? Did they even think  about those who are hungry? They didn't, did they?" I told myself, no,  they still bought the expensive whiskey after passing those homeless who are hungry. And I looked at myself who was unbelievably upset yesterday. And today, I bravely asked myself, why bother, giving myself away uncontrolled, to something which isn't concrete at all.
Tell me now, are you one of them too?

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