Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Ano Nuevo Chino.
Happy chinese New year!

I went to the Museum of Bank Mandiri today. So many things I could learn from it. But I didn't learn anything, but looking at vintage things.
The museum is located in North Jakarta. You can reach it by taking transjakarta bus, because the bus stops right in front of the museum. So you won't have to walk too far. Look I am so, fat. I haven't been doing my diet. And I also ate 2 packets of sushi rolls, so i feel even more fatter. And I ate one small croissant also. And I also, ate one plate of fried rice today. So fat.
I visited the museum in accordance of accompanying my sister to take photos for her yearbook. She was dressing as a dutch duchess, and her friends were all dressing in various dresses from all over the world, such as India, Arab, even indonesia-_-
The museum was interesting. I mean today isn't the first time I visited this museum, yet it's still interesting the first day I visited. Actually, now I am more familiar with the groetboek or something, as I've been learning the study of accounting. 
The interior deco was still classic, except the typing machine part. It's so beautiful and creative I presume. and it's my favorite part of the museum.

I met my old friend's mom, whose brother is my sister's friend. She asked what school I go to, and I told her my school, and she was like "oh"
Yeah, I know my school's lame.

Today, I also talked to my old indian friend through bbm, as I've actually lost in contact with her since christmas. And she was the object i was venting to>.<
I told her that I didn't like public schools, and that I'd rather be in private school, and I even told her about the stupid strict rules about the obligation to wear black belts, white socks, and black shoes... 
I even told her about the gang fights around pupupublic school students. hahaha I know it's such a ghetto thing to talk about, but I am just so into gang fights, as I love GTA San Andreas so much, so I started to talk about it with her. and the weird thing is, she had no idea that public school students would hold gang fights.
I mean come on. It's all over the news.-_-

Last night, I had dinner with my friends in Tryst, Kemang. I'll probably not post the pictures as I am such a fat embarrassment now. hahaha.

Anyways, once again, Gong Xi Fa Cai 
Btw, that's me with seluloid films with my thumbs up. so awesome <3

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