Saturday, February 2, 2013

Le Février

Hello February. It'll be a great month. I've just got a new cell phone so I won't be all bored and frustrated. There are many things I want to do this february. Indonesia Fashion Week is probably my main priority. I will do anything to get the invitation to that annual event. And then they hold many performances in Taman Ismail Marzuki this month, and I want to attend the performance of this play "Diary Kematian.". And they have Christian Leotta's Piano Recital in Instituto Italiano di Cultura also. And most of all... I am gonna be 17 on february 21st. I'm gonna get my id, my driving license, and I can go home whenever I want, and I can actually go anywhere I want. Oh yeah. I am super excited. I hope reality won't disappoint me this time unlike those other times. fml. anyways, have a great sunday people<3

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