Friday, October 24, 2014

Discussing Near Death Experience (NDE)

Indonesia has this curriculum where they actually make classes for religious studies. Muslim, Christian, Catholic, Hindu, Buddha, they have their own classes. Yeah, it's actually forbidden to be atheist in Indonesia, they sometimes relate it to the "damned" communist party, that they called PKI. First thing first, you all should know that Communism has NOTHING to do with Atheism. But you know back in elementary days, the teachers would actually say that the communists were actually atheists. And we are so obliged to believe in God, and we are so obliged to choose a religion for ourselves. So yeah.

Today, we discussed about near death experience. In islam it's actually called "Sakaratul Maut", Hindu and Buddha believe in reincarnation, so they don't fear death, as death is inevitable, and as they would actually come back to life, in another shape of body.

I know that, there is a final release of endorphins as we experience NDE. Endorphin makes people happy, so do u think there will ever be a dark process of the death? Soul, the essence of life, who the hell knows where it is. It's strange, it's strange that we are supposed to feel 100% of our own body, our organs. But soul, soul is, soul is not organ, is not body, it's not what we say, or think. Okay, everything comes from the brain, your breath, your heartbeat, your sweat, everything, the brain controls. But soul, soul is something that controls the brain. But we don't know where the soul is. So what is the essence of human afterall? It's not brain, nor heart.

Scientists have concluded stages of NDE, from many point of views, including science and religion. And here it is...

Stages of NDE
1.A sense of peace at the time of death
2.A sense of separation from the body.
3.A sense of entering into darkness.
4.Seeing a bright light.
5.A sense of entering the light

stage one, many movies show peace when it comes to death. My religion shows that there will be no one, not being nervous when it comes to death. So all this movie that we have watched, is wrong? Thy're lies?

Separation of the body, detachment, levitation. It's very realistic. As we know that death is the time when the soul inside us is leaving.

The thoughts abotu darkness and lights are still being questioned. People do different things in life, not all business is done, not all debts are paid. So where do we go now? What is dark and what is light in this case anyways? Scientifically, we haven't proven that there is actually afterlife after the death. So what I can say about the destination is, we the light comes when our brain releases the endorphins, but the darkness comes when we start to close our eyes automatically.

Does my assumption make sense?

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