Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Axe Man

He once again returned. Out of nowhere, he appeared, with big axe on his hand. He was bleeding, but he was alright. He came to her, with a smile, but still holding that axe. And he said hi, she was afraid but happy, too. Then he put that sharp axe on her head, he pushed it against her head. She wasn't crying. She could feel her head is tearing apart, she felt it. she did. She didn't run, as the axe was already stuck on her head. She was scared. He kept doing that until the axe tore her mouth apart. He pulled his axe out of her chin. And then he dropped the axe on the ground.

"You aren't special. You are ugly. I wonder why I still talk to you. I pity you sometimes. You aren't even beautiful. You're not smart. You ain't got a hot bod, you're nothing. You're boring. You're not pretty at all. If you were, you would've gotten a boyfriend. If he did want you, he would've asked you out. You're nothing. Not special at all. I've got two more girls. They're way more beautiful. You're nothing compared to them. You're nothing. Nothing."

And she couldn't cry, she couldn't speak, she couldn't hear, and she couldn't think. She was still there, standing, without her head, without any sound, without any sense. She moved her hand, and put it on his cheek. she caressed his cheek really gently.
Still, he would say that she was nothing.

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