Sunday, October 12, 2014

Halo, Bandung.

Guten abend! I just got back from Bandung today. And I had this great time with my friends. We visited various restaurants, and we also visited this magnificent art gallery, Lawangwangi in Dago Giri.

As young college students, we've always wanted to travel, get out of the town that we're currently staying, and find something new. So we did. We were planning to go to this cliff that people are rampantly talking about. But we woke up late, and we decided to visit this art house of Sarasvati.

But we didn't. Because we kind of, got lost. And then, we thought, oh maybe we should just go to Lawangwangi. Lawangwangi is an art gallery, with design space and cafe. It has this wonderful architecture, elegant interior, the arts are kind of peculiar and awkward, but they serm strong still, in a way.
Honestly, we didn't eat there as we were tragically running out of cash. But there is always this inevitable habit that me and my friends would do: taking pictures.

This picture, on your right, I was trying to be a ghost, hiding behind the white floral "curtains". Like we have this bad intentions or something like that.

In this picture, We were trying to be the painting. I don't really understand the painting, but I think it's about two monks, meditating in the wild... near the mountain.And the guy on the left is probably not focused on his meditating as the mountain is kinda exploding. HAHAHA. or maybe he's too focused that he doesn't realize that the mountain is actually exploding.
This one above is my favorite. It kinda looks like I'm leading and giving my soul to that peculiar creature.

This picture looks so mystical to me. Don't you think so?

In the other hand, I look like a reluctant zombie, chasing souls.
I don't even know what that is. but it kinda looks like a crab which is made of completely different people, dancing in one ballet tutu. Well I think that sclupture is actually telling us that heterogeneoty is wonderful when they work together in such a harmony. Owyeah, so picasso tonight hahaha.
One critic to this place, they don't even give explanation or at least title to each masterpiece, the arts are blatantly inexplicable. Like we really do have to take one moment to think and try to absorb the information that the masterpieces are trying to give. And it's not easy to interpret silent objects. In the other side, this place stimulates your sense of art.

But I really do wish I had understood the interpretations of each sculpture and painting in that gallery. I really do wish they would've put at least a title to each object. Like honestly, I can't finish my interpretation for this picture. A tub being held by iron arms? A tub, represents something to put water in, water represents something that's conquering earth. and iron arms are probably representing the evil government trying so hard to conquer the earth? haha that's probably a quiet far thought. But that's what I get.
We really enjoyed our time there. when I got there I couldn't stop thinking that I must BLOG this trip tonight. I even bought a new USB cable so that I can post this writing tonight hahaha.

I accidentally left my usb cable in Zulfa's house. And One thing I can't stop thinking is not be able to post this writing right away as I get home. So I had to buy this new usb cable for like Rp70.000,00 which is kind of pricey. But you know, when it comes to doing what you like, you will spend your dough like a maniac. Agreed?
And Oh, this is my second favorite picture. I was kind of thinking about The beatles' photo in Abbey road Haha. Well this is our version, walking down the stairs.

I'm really really glad I could actually go there. I am waiting for the next adventure, guys!
Alors, A demain, mes amies!

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