Sunday, March 13, 2016

IFW 2016; The Shadows in Makeover Presents "Eyevolution"

Eyevolution is a group of collections by F.budi, Patrick Owen, and Ardistia New York. This fashion show was held in Stage 1 Plenary Hall at 4:30 pm. Eyevoution was about the different perspective of how the eyes see. This fashion show was presented by Makeover. But I think, somehow it's quite the opposite of Makeover's current idealism about putting color on your boday, as it was black-and-white kind of collection.

My favorite was Patrick Owen's. His collection was fresh, futuristic, passionate. I couldn't capture much of his collection because like I said I only brought my little lens, which the only lens I have. And I was in row 5 or something, so the pictures were all about vignetting and stuff. 

Their concept, predominantly was about geometric, origami flipped. kind of clothes, which is quite trending nowadays. I mean talk about the culotte, and flipped tops and all. Very geometric, origami-inspired, futuristic, but not, brave enough. 

I don't know why I am being so hostile, writing these posts today, I mean, I've been quite critial the past 4 hours today. It's just that, I'm trying to be as objective as I could be. I'm tired of phony Public Relations bullshit I learn in the university, so yeah. It would've been great if they would play more dangerous with the shape and the colors and show the real hectic of eye-volution. Yes, But still, good job, guys. And oh, big thanks to Makeover for the free eye liner :) 

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