Sunday, March 13, 2016

Indonesia Fashion Week 2016

After all this chaos that's been happening in the earliest days of 2016, I still insisted to go to the annual Indonesia Fashion Week. To be honest, these days I wish could focus on one thing, my studies. But, I still have to deal with other things, this and that, with him or her, or them. Like, everything wants to be such a very big deal to me, which is not fair. But I'm glad I was able to attend and refresh my insane mind for a little bit. 
Yes, it was one crazy evening where I had to choose what I should wear. I mean, I've just arrived in Jakarta after 3 hours trip from Bandung. And I had to look through my closet. I don't know why, when it comes to attending "fashion" event, I would have the urge to be the phoniest version of myself. You know, dress and all, and make up. Actually, I wanted to tell this story last night but I was exhausted as hell, after I got home from the fashion week, I had to accompany my mom to the convenient store, when I arrived back home, guests started to come, and I had to do all this chitchat and all. After that, I had to sort my pictures, and add little touch to them. I mean come on, I only got my kit-lens, whatever you call it, that lens that you would get when you buy a camera, you know, not the long ass one. And I wasn't even on the VVIP list, I was in row 5 or something. Pfft it was depressing. You'll see a lot of vignetting in the following pictures :) I mean, in the next posts.

What I wore was nothing special. I wore this what do you call it... a saroong? and I turned it into a culotte pants, and I also wore this green turtle neck, and this black oxford shoes, yup no heels this year, I mean last year, heels had put me through hell already. And I also brought my favorite Totebag. Yup, I looked like a bum enough.

The theme of this year's IFW is the Reflections of Culture. I don't know the meanings behind this theme. They might've mentioned it during the press conference, which I didn't attend, so with my own conclusion, I think, I think it means that we have to see once again, where we were, back in the old days, and see once again, what we are now. Well, I've never been to other fashion weeks that were held abroad, but, I've seen it on TV, and magazine, and fashion site, it's just that, I know the difference between fashion week in Indonesia, and other countries. Somehow, the local designers here, they have tremendous urge to make out traditional clothes sustainable. Which is good, which is soo good. 

I might've told you before that I didn't like Batik nor Kabaya nor other Indonesia's traditional clothes. But If I look at them now, wow, there are so many alternatives to wear them and you'd still look cool. Back to the "reflections of culture", it's true that we might not wear Kabaya as the ancestors would wear back then, but we can reflect the culture of Kabaya with the lifestyle today, to make it look like Today's Kabaya. Get it? 

It was a great experience, though. Attending public events somehow motivates me, you know. It would motivate me to do diet, to be successful, to be rich, to be this and that, and It's such a good idea to refresh my mind in IFW2016. And oh, big thanks to my aunt, Pia, who has the kindest heart to come along with me to the fashion week. Terima Kasih!

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