Monday, March 7, 2016

What I found on Instagram

Hello everyone! Some of you may have known that I'd started my instagram account like months ago, and I've been quite comfortable with it. I've been quite productive and been gaining more interests in visual arts. This is probably why I have been doing more designs than writing lately. And here are the things that I found really awesome on Instagram. is like a bank of vintage movies, beautiful movies with beautiful mise en scene, great cinematography, great stories. usually posts pictures of classic movies, including Lolita, Amelie, Pulp Fiction, even black and white ones that were published back then when I wasn't even existed. What I love about is that they would capture the interesting scenes perfectly. Sometimes they would add the lines to make us remember even more clearly.

Bijou karman is a graphic designer from Los Angeles. Somehow her artworks show stillness in an elegant way. Like, if you look at the expression of each subject of the artwork, the expression is just flat, but it seems like it's hiding something. 

Another instagram account that I love is mood_listener. It provides songs that listen to your mood. They have everything, electric, classic, acoustic, everything!

I'm getting sleepy now. I was watching best songs in the 70s and 80s. and now Killer Queen is playing inside my head on repeat lol. But in the other side, I'm getting so sleepy, so I'm like, right now, I'm drowning in Killer Queen melody, somehow.  

You know, I'm glad I found these accounts. I'm glad that my likes aren't entirely about so-called cool people who would only share their luxurious experience on their instagrams. Ha, now look who's being an envious bitch. Good night everybody!

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