Sunday, March 13, 2016

IFW 2016; The Shadows in "Tropical Garden" By Lussense KD

Krisdayanti, the Indonesian Diva can design now? Not really. She has a clothing line now, a hijab clothing line, designed by her dearest friend, Luthy. My aunt was a big fan of hijab fashion, so we decided to watch the fashion show of Tropical Garden by Lussense KD. 

I am not good at giving comments about hijab fashion. But I'm glad it wasn't such a black-and-white kinfolk pride collection. It was more like, colorful, sweet, but still, showing pride of wearing hijab. And I'm glad they didn't use the tall version of hijab, that will make you look like an alien, or a tree. Sorry for being harsh, it's just that, in my opinion, I don't find huge hijabs are, attractive. I mean it gives me headache just to look at it. I won't ever wear that kind of hijab, like, ever. 

But you know, I was glad the collection was sweet, wearable, simple, beautiful. Um, I don't know if it was Luthy's first time, having her collection in a fashion show. But, what I know for sure is that, Luthy is an instagram hijab fashion influence. I once visited her instagram, it's luthy162. And she's been doing a lot of endorsement with celebrities with her collection, and voila! she popped out in Indonesia Fashion Week. What an achievement!

I think it would be nice, if she one day comes out from the shadow of Krisdayanti and would just, create her own clothing line, be the fashion she wanted.  

The show was amazing. Very-big-deal people attended, like Maya Estianti, Yuni Shara, they were even mentioned by the MC, and the funny journalists would tease them and stuff. I mean, I think it was quite unnecessary to welcome "special" people in fashion show, you know. Fashion has always had image issues, being all arrogant and proud, but that "welcoming" part was, new to me. Somehow it showed that fashion could be, humble. 

At the end of the show, Krisdayanti showed up with her children, she walked the runway, and came out singing! It actually reminded me of last year's Anne Avantie's show. She was singing the "Temani aku rembulan, diriku lagi terbakar cinta..." song. And the models started to come out in a parade, and finally the designer, Luthy came out. And Krisdayanti, walked her down the runway, and introduced her to the audience, the success of her clothing line.

It was a spectacular show. I'm glad I was able to take pictures, although I was in the shadow. It was so hard to take a perfect shot as people's heads were eager to be my vignettes HA. Good Job, Luthy! Stay motivated!

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