Sunday, March 24, 2013


Honestly, I don't even get why, I even began to consciously define the word Fashion, as it just has too many meanings. And talking about intellectual opinion, I am probably not the right person to define the word. But tell you what... I started to put myself in "fashion" circle in fifth grade, as I had already subscribed to this fashion magazine back then. And that was probably the first time I ever learned about fashion. When we were just kids, our mother would teach us how to wear clothes, how to match them together, how to look okay in front of people. For me, fashion is an art. Okay, that's my first definition. Fashion is an art, the point of fashion is beauty, creativity, immaculateness, thoughts of inspiration being sent by appearance. Fashion is a thought. A precious thought. Fashion connects the thoughts and the actions into one perspective. Fashion is an adaptation form of being, developed. People adapt. People develop. Fashion develops. It won't die. Fashion is eternal, and infinite. Happy Sunday people

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