Thursday, March 7, 2013

Roller Coaster

I finished reading this indonesian book, "Perjalanan Rasa" or "The journey of feelings". the book actually described many feelings for me by making me feeling it. so the whole reading wasn't about defining all those feelings, but it was actually about feeling the feelings. I remember one of those journeys... where a girl insists a certainty from a guy. I talked to my friend last night. and she has this abstract problem with a guy. The guy asked her, "Do you think status matters?"
Whoa. Stop right there, dude. That's just so mean.
They've been going out for months, being all sweet and caring for each other for months, and still expecting that no one can fall for feelings for months? It's a sad thing. It's a mean thing to do. It's like feeding those jews with burgers from mcdonalds back in world war 2. and right after they feel completed and full, you, just like what nazi would do, burn her in an airless room where no one can find out. 
It's not right. Women, they don't insist "status" or whatever people call it. Women, they insist a fixed opinion, a fixed value about how their partner feel with them. They just want a certainty. Because honestly, no one wants to live like riding a roller coaster; feeling so excited when you bring her up, then just like a naughty wind, you let her fall with anxiety and excitement, and curiosity, and you leave her, all tired. But you're just too nice in the beginning, so she'll take another ride. Roller Coaster. 

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