Sunday, March 24, 2013


Okay, I have been working on my diet since like, December. I remember my target, 45 kilos. And I actually reached 46 kilos on March 19 2013, then the school started on March 20, and they held this health test on March 22, and guess what? I turned 48 kilos in two days. My fat is 25.6%. So around 12 kilos of my body are useless fats. This is kind of annoying. 

I have just realized, having a diet without doing physical exercise isn't gonna make it work. Cause once you stop, the food will hijack your empty space (what you make on your diet term), and you'll be fat in one day.
So like, I'm so frustrated. It seems like my 3 months diet is just a waste of time. But yet, I'm still grateful I have reduced 2 kilos of my fat, since I was like 50 kilos on december. but still...

From now on, I will be doing my diet plus doing exercise equally so I won't be just sick skinny slut, but I'll also be fit. Amen

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