Saturday, April 26, 2014

Desert Fire (a poem)

The yellow sky and the yellow ground,
With strength on which I stand, on which I bound,
To the sun with lights that much abound,
Boiling head and burning feet unsound
There's fire in the desert with yellow ground

I look up and sky is yellow still,
Sweat is gone, let the blood appear
It's just a sun, and this is just a ground,
How did thou let the sunlight girll?
With just sand and nothing is near
 Thy kind grin, thy sound conveyed,

"Darling, the sky is yellow and so is the sand,
I did not say we had the future all planned,
Indeed thou chose this place with thy life in the rand,
the sky is yellow so is the sand,
Yes, the sun is firing this hell of land,
I know thou and I will forever stand,
in nothingness we thought was bland,
so we ought always be happy and grand,
or as thou say, boiled and burned,
until the something we wanted, returned."

April 27, at 0:15 am

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