Sunday, April 27, 2014

Fado & Silk by International Danstheater at Erasmus Huis Jakarta

Goedenavond everyone! I'd like to share a post about this dance performances that Qya and I watched last night. There were two performances; Fado, which is based on Portuguese music "Fado", telling stories about so many emotions like sadness, faith, infidelity, the desire of freedom, but also the hope of love for each other. I didn't capture anything during this performance because I was too focused watching it.

The second one is Silk. Silk is based on two Oriental legends and is about the power of two young women, Hsi Ling Shih and the Silk princess, looking for freedom and beauty. Silk was really something. The clothes were amazing. they were all designed by Karisma Costumes. And oh, the music was played by The Goskel Yilmaz Ensemble. These performances were choreographed by Meneer Jan Linkens.

At first Qya and I were worried that we wouldn't be able to sit inside the theater because when we got there, people were already standing in a loooong line to enter the theater. So we were really doubtful, but thankfully we did get the seats inside the theater, while some people had to watch the show outside, through this massive screen.

We got the seats on the right wing from the main entrance, we got the first line.. next to this old man who was having flu. Both the dance and the music were very beautiful. We were all astonished by the moves, and the beautiful connection between the dance and the music.

During the silk performance, there was this one dancer who wore mask all the time. I think she was playing the role of The Silk Princess. In the end of the performance, she came out in a beautiful silk cloak, while other dancers were putting that silk "crown" on her head. The lights then faded off. The room was dark for a few seconds. And then the lights went on, and we saw all the dancers were standing in line... bounding, and everybody gave their loudest applause, and the ensemble crew went up to the stage (they were playing on the left side of the stage), and the choreographer went to the stage also. People were cheering... 

The audience left the theater. not too long after, the dances went out. They were all welcomed by the audience, some chitchatted with the audience, some tried to take pictures with them, included me and Qya.

This is Patrick-Joel Radu, he is from Germany. He received his dance education in ArtEZ, The folkwang Hochschule in Essen and Alvin Aily School in New York. He was the finalist of "Everybody Dance Now" Competition. He joined the International Danstheater in 2012, appearing in Mannnen van de Tango.

He seemed really nice. There were even kids... probably middle school students, interviewing him for their English assignment. Hahaha. But he was very welcoming, it was really nice to meet you, Herr Radu!

We also took a picture with Jeroen Van Acker, a dancer from Belgium. He studied at the Codarts Rotterdam Dance Academy. He started to join International Danstheater by performing Zonnekoningen and Mannen van Tango.

Qya also took pictures with them, you guys can take a look on her facebook. And oh, before we got into the theater, they gave us this stamp on our hand... It looks like a shape of a house, but it just reminded me of the Illuminati, according to the triangle HAHA.

Anyways....... It was a great experience. I am expecting more events like this. Big thanks to Erasmus Huis, great job International Danstheater, great job The Goskel Yilmaz Ensemble!

Au revoir!

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