Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Launching Topshop x Kate Moss 2014, Jakarta

The Icon has returned! Topshop is now collaborating again with supermodel Kate Moss. Today, April 30th 2014, is the launching of their new collection. The launching was held in Topshop, Senayan City, Jakarta. My sister got the invitation to this event by winning a quiz on twitter, posted by Nylon magazine. So she brought me there because I actually was the one who told her about the quiz. HAHA

The launching was hosted by Kimmy Jayanti, Nadila Ernesta, Dewi Utari, and Ayla Dimitri. There were also fashion bloggers attending the event. People attended that launching beautifully, they were all dressed up, appreciating the new collection of Topshop x Kate Moss.
My sister and I took a picture with Kimmy. She was really friendly. We both love her style... I think her style is just, really independent. Looking at her, reminds me of the face that opposing stereotypical thoughts of beauty. Most Indonesian people think that long hair is beautiful, light skin is beautiful. But Kimmy makes it seem like, short hair can ALSO be beautiful, dark skin can ALSO be beautiful. I find it really awesome that as a model she could actually be different, not following how the "modeling" market demands the typical beauty. So, nice job Miss Kimmy!

There were also snacks and drinks from Starbucks served in the store. I've never been actually getting any refill from Starbucks until today hahah. I can not resist foods, especially free ones. I almost took everything!. I took a croissant with raisins, a croissant with beef, a muffin, a brownies, a glass of chocolate milk. Mmmm.... fuckyeah! Still, something makes me wonder... There were many people inside the store... and the snacks weren't as much as the amount of people, how come there were still many snacks left? :o

The collections were really cool. We could actually capture Kate Moss' fashion style by looking at the collection. There were baggy clothings, but there were also "gothic" ones... The collections for me, were either rebellious or free as gypsy. My sister actually won this yellow dress... it's really cute. You can check it out on her twitter @tsabitaffh

I also took a picture with (supposedly) fashion bloggers and another picture with Nadila Ernesta. We also met someone named Yunita who was also attending that launching.

She told me about her experience when she was facing the national university placement test (known as SBMPTN). One year ago, she was in my position, she had to study and she used to come to Inten (A learning guidance place) everyday. She told me how hectic everything was. But she was also convincing me that, this phase, where I am currently living on, should be the phase where I should work really hard, doing my best, so I can get accepted into public universities.

Overall, it was really a great experience, thank you Topshop Indonesia! I look forward to the next events,
Good night! xo

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