Saturday, November 8, 2014

#ABAIKAN At Jakarta Fashion Week 2015

My sister and I doing a selfie
HAI! FInally, I attended Jakarta Fashion Week 2015. I went there with my sister, Tsabita. And we watched two fashion shows there. And we saw many many beautiful people. And we actually met some people who were really nice.

FIRST thing FIRST, I've committed myself to attend public events. So when the time comes, I have this excessive urge to attend that event. SO FAR, there are few public events that I must attend; Indonesia Fashion Week, Europe on Screen, Halloween Event, and Jakarta Fashion Week.
Met these bloggers at Fashion Tent
I had to look for the invitation to attend this year's Jakarta Fashion Week. And you wouldn't believe what I did to get the invitation. Um, at first I thought we could book all of the show on the first time e-ticketing announced its availability. And I actually, accidentally fell asleep. And I woke up, feeling so worthless. SO I had to, I contacted my aunt, my uncle, my friends, people, who I thought could give me one ticket to attend Fashion Tent Fashion Show. But nobody did. THANKFULLY, Jakarta Fashion Week announced that the tickets are actually booked daily, so I had to stay up until like 00:30 am to book the tickets. And Grazia fashion show was fully booked in like, 5 minutes. I got one ESMOD ticket for my sister, and one Japan Fashion week ticket for me 

AND You wouldn't believe what happened by the time we got there. My shoe broke. I was actually wearing these brown wedges with laces, but somehow the shoe broke. I had to tiptoe to the shoes store and it was really weird. And thank god the shoes were on sale, so I got such a fair price. Um yeah.

After dealing with the shoe problem, I and my sister went to check out the venue. When we got there, we asked the crew what time we should stand by the venue in order to attend the show, my sister's show actually, she got the ESMOD show invitation. The crew then said, "OH why don't you guys wait while watching Dulux? Color of the year?"
And we glaned at each other, and we told him, "SURE"
And he gave us the invitations. We then, like a boss, we entered the venue. We didn't get the front seat though, we were in column A, line 3 or 4, but we could still capture the show. It was very easy actually as we were really close to the opening of the runway. 
After watching Colour of the Year by Dulux, my sister immdiately went back to the entrance to watch ESMOD Jakarta Fashion Show. I, sorely, went to the foodcourt to get myself a drink. I'm not used to wear heels so.. yeah.

I waited for her for like 1 hour, then she finally showed up. she bought herself a drink also. And then I left her to watch Japan Fashion Week in Jakarta fashion show. During that show, I met few people, including Eric, a guy above, the caucasian guy, who gave me an invitation for the next fashion show "Thai Designers". Merci Beaucoup, monsieur Eric. And I also met a japanese guy, named Toushi. He was actually astonished when I spoke japanese with him. Our conversation actually started with "Sumimasen." then Toushi was like, "How did you learn Japanese?"
And I told him, "Bitch please, I've learned Japanese for 5 years." Just kidding. I actually told him, "Oh, I actually had japanese class in Middle School and High school. But I'm not really fluent in it."
And Toushi-san said, "But you're fluent in english."
MODUS, right? Fucking modus.

But I brought a baby with me; my sister. And my mom kept calling me, asking me to take my sissy home, so instead of watching that Thai Designers Fashion show, I went back home, we went back home. But still, it was such a great experience. Though It was a big shame that I had to buy a pair of new shoes. But it was cool. I felt super happy. 

P.S: Ignore the narcissistic photos. peace out. 

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