Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Jakarta Fashion Week 2015; Japan Fashion Week in Jakarta

O Hayou Gozaimasu! Guess who got the front seat? Yep, this girl, who's typing right now got the front seat on column H. Coloumn H is actually the last coloumn so I could see real clearly how the models walked and posed, AND OH! Before I start discussing this show even more, I would like to raise my glass to those very patient journalists who stayed there since the first show started, and I would also raise my glass to JFW organizers, who could corporate with Tokyo Fashion Week, bravo, and I would like to raise my glass also to those beautiful kind people in this fashion show. I miss you all. 
Japan, Japan, Japan. When I first saw the title of the fashion show, I actually imagined harajuku style, you know anime things and stuff, couture-inspired, but ta-da. Veil. Veil came out. And I thought, "Is this Dian Pelangi?" Ha, but no, it was really Japan Fashion Week in Jakarta Fashion Show. 
So the collections were from Mannequins Japon, Motonari Ono, and Somarta.
Mannequins Japon is actually designed by Sakaguchi Hideaki. The brand concept of Mannequins Japon itself is to express, illuminate, to define "the love of human. Ne sais pas, monsieur. The product concept is to make the products well-known in today's term. the cuts and impression of the products are quiet consistent and feminine. 
Monotari Ono is a collection by Ono Monotari, colaborated with a designer from London named Bora Aksu. Together they build Monotari Ono. Ono Monotari is really a talented student. He's won DHL award in Mercedes-Benx Tokyo Fashion Week.
Somarta, designed by Hirokawa Tamae, she founded Soma Design in 2006. While trying to build Somarta, she actually launched "Skin Series" a body-wear collection that explores the interaction between clothes and human body shape.
The collection was awesome. It didn't look as if it was Japanese design though. But the designers were really cool. Even the veil ones. It kinda showed me how beautiful moderate muslims would wear their hijabs on the street. MY favorite collection si actually the first picture in this post. It looked really amazing, the model walked with it real chill. It was such a great experience. I'm so coming again next year.
Bravo, Jakarta Fashion Week! See you next year.

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