Saturday, November 8, 2014

Jakarta Fashion Week 2015; Colour of The Year 2015 by DULUX

Bonjour people, sorry for the delay of reporting this post. I'm still adapting myself as a college student.  I wanted to report it right away but... I had something to do. many things to do actually. So here it is. I attended Jakarta Fashion Week, as you've read in the post before. I'm gonna talk about the first show I attended in that event. It's Colour of The Year 2015 by Dulux.
Dulux has set the color of 2015 would be Copper Orange. I actually didn't know that the color was called "copper orange" ha-ha. I've always thought that color was.. I don't know, light orange? creamy orange? Anyways...... The collection was quiet "Indonesian". Um, the "loose" arms idea, the collection was really neat, real safe. really wearable in a particular occasion, like in a nice evening party. Very feminine, very simple, but expensive in a way.
The next collection was not all about Copper Orange anymore. It kinda showed the unique side of the designer, as they actually showed some almost-peculiar collections, like loose-pants, stuff like that. the collection, however was still wearable. I digged the loose-pants part though, nice idea for bell-bottoms as they were made of chiffon (if i'm not mistaken cause I don't really know types of linen). Yeah, I think it'll be so cool, wearing bell-bottoms (cutbray) that made of chiffon. but the sad part is the upper part of the pants weren't tight, weren't fit to the models' legs. I think It would've been better if the upper part is tight. so it'd look absolutely like a chiffon bell-bottoms, not like a.. harem-inspired bell bottoms. 
Some collections were grunge inspired. It's a good thing though as I adore grunge style so much cause it actually gives rebellious effect, and elegance in the other side. Some collections could be so chill though. Like chill-inspired hahaha. But yeah, some could be really simple, safe, some could be strong and elegant. The thing is, I don't know whether this collection is adjusting the season that is happening now (Autumn/Winter), because the collection was really random, like you could see spring, you could see fall, you could see summer, even winter.
Alors, now bravo to the genius designers. I was surprised to see such young designers. I thought the designers were these old... architects, or some interior people. But they were just, young people, probably college students. Milcah, Friederich, 8Eri, and NFRT bravo! Bravo Dulux!

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