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My folks killing time in costumes (left: Diko, Zulfa, Nisrina, Fany, Farah, Syifa)
 The best thing to celebrate besides "Lebaran" would be Halloween. Ha-llo-ween. The sound of it makes me fantasize about drums, people walking on the street, with costumes on, smiling, cheering, scaring each other. Yeah. I'm in love with halloween. 

I've always wanted to attend Halloween event. But I wasn't raised in a western-cultured family, so I have never experienced the real door-to-door trick-or-treat, but still, I've always been fascinated, seeing how adventurous Halloween event would be for infants. So I decided to attend a Halloween event one day when I'm "grown up". Actually, I've always planned this occasion, I've planned it years before, I've planned it last year, but I've been always out of luck, like I couldn't attend the event, or I didn't have enough money to attend the event, like there was always something that prevented me to attend Halloween event, until.. this very graceful year.

Temporary tattoos sold in Westhill Midnight Carnaval
The very first of all, you should really know what happened during this year Halloween experience. We had troubles, me and my friends, we had troubles choosing for the right event to attend. We googled "Halloween Events in Jakarta 2014" for like 2 weeks. We came up with many suggestions, but you know, capital city insists so much that the Halloween events there were really expensive. We couldn't adjust the fees with our finance. I was kind of disappointed. I really thought that this year would be another dream, until my friend Monica texted me,
"Fidy, there's this halloween event in Maja House Bandung  2 weeks from now."

Me dressing as Minnie Mouse, and Monica as Princess Jasmine
So we finally found the right event. Westhill Midnight Carnaval at Maja House Bandung. The ticket price was actually Rp150000.00, but they gave this special price for students, so we only paid for Rp100000.00 which was the best deal ever. 

We had to visit their ticket box in this restaurant called "Vanilla" in Bandung. And we had to start looking for costumes. Costumes. Yeah. We googled and we got this recommendation about this costume-renting shop in Bandung, located in Jalan Mangga. So, on this saturday morning, I planned to meet up with her in Bandung.

Well, many weird things happened during our costume search. First, The AC inside my van which I paid to drive me to Bandung from this Travel Agent, didn't work. The AC didn't work. And the trip from Jatinangor to Bandung was really congested. SO yeah, It was like one hour sauna for me.
And Zulfa actually got busted, not using a seatbelt by this police and she had to pay the fine. she had to pay Rp250000.00 wtf. Que mala surtez right! And guess what? by the time we got there, the costume shop was not open that day. shit. We really felt like shit. But we didn't give up. We googled for other costume places. I even called my aunt who used to live in Bandung. And I asked her if she knew any costume-rents in Bandung. And she suggested many places, so did Zulfa's friends. And we decided to visit this costume-renting place in Somewhere In Bandung. Can't tell you the place, but it was really creepy.
Folks in Westhill Midnight Carnaval
Interesting Costume found in Westhill

Okay, we arrived at that costume place, and it was no shop, but it was a... house, like a small, silent house, in a faraway district in Bandung. It gave me chills at first, but I was excited looking for costumes in a way. We got in, and this woman appeared. She wore this hijab and this red lipstick, and this eccentric muslima dress, and I could see the abundance of foundation cream all over her face. 

And she was talking as if she was in a rush. she let us try many many costumes. I actually found a perfect costume for me, I wanted to dress as a french maid. But Zulfa hadn't found her costume. She kept changing and changing, until... That lady said.
"Stop it! You aren't even serious with it!" in this hideous, raising tone, with this evil sight. 
Zulfa and I glanced at each other. The situation got awkward. I suddenly felt the silence all over the house, and I realized that it was just me, Zulfa, and that hideous lady. She could've locked us up in that house, or i don't know, she could've killed us and eaten us for dinner.

SO I told her that I had to withdraw my money from the ATM to pay the guarantee fee. But instead of withdrawing money, we ran away. LOL. We had no courage nor urge to go back to that scary place.

Spooked real bad, we decided to chillax and have lunch. And we looked up "Last minute Halloween Costume" on google, and Minnie mouse came up. So I decided to be a minnie mouse. And Zulfa decided to be a bunny.

It was a real creepy experience. but you know it's Hall-oh-win! So we gotta get that spooked feelings. Hahaha. So we attended Westhill Midnight Carnaval last night. And the event was sick! I loved to see how people would actually gather with their friends in costumes, taking pictures, dancing, eating together, scaring each others. I could really feel the door-to-door trick-or-treat sensation that I should've felt when I was a kid.

With Syifa as Hermoine

I would really come again next year, and I would actually prepare myself even better for this event. I kinda felt disappointed as I only dressed as Minnie Mouse. I mean, come on. There were so many girls dressed as Minnie Mice. I was kind of pissed, but I thought, "Man, I'm here, chill out." And I did really chill out. I met Monica, I hung out with friends, laughing our ass off over everything. I was also introduced to many new people, students from other universities, Me and Fany actually found the criteria of our future husband. It was a super experience.
I'm gonna spook you again next year

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