Saturday, May 18, 2013

1980s The Feel Good Revolution.

I watched National Geographic's 1980s; The Time of Our lives yesterday. It showed how marvelous the time of 1980s was. It's the era where the mighty United States had a President who was a movie actor. It was the time when gymnastic videos were firstly released and sold. it was the era of Personal computer deployments, it was the time of rock and roll, it was the time of MTV, it was the time of Aerosmith collaborating with rappers, Run DMC, it was the time when Prince charles married Lady Diana. In Indonesia, It was the era of Suharto Authorities. Despite all the bad economy, people invented many things in that era, to make them feel good. Like Sony Walkman, Personal computers. When I watched that docu, I was like, "Wow it was really the feel good revolution". Indonesia was super strong yet super not democratic behind Suharto's authorities. But our military was number 2 in the world. It was peaceful back then, no stupid petitions, or protests. the wests obviously had some respect to us. now it seems like, everything is boring... music is all about alcohol, wild, and free. gadgets are copying each other. Indo music is all about sadness and broken hearts. People listen to music with poker face, and empty stare. everything's gone promiscuous. if only I could feel the joy of 1980.

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