Friday, May 24, 2013


Yes we can create a time machine, if we can pull the revolution of earth as fast as the speed of light, it's like, pulling the orbit, endlessly. yes, we can move forward. but what does time mean if it's just about a round cyclic movement of giant marbles... If only, we could see, or at least know, the essence of life, what makes life, is life, we can do whatever we like. see I've told you, our brains are infinite. but how many people would actually think, about the essence of blood, of a heartbeat, of life, it's so complex I can't even comprehend. How come we live in such a hollowness of space. the nothingness are surrounding us. Yet no one's scared, how tangled, how tied we are, in a cyclic movement of time. Rotting our own bone eventually, forsake everything. gone.

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