Saturday, May 18, 2013


"De troquer cette vie morose, contre le parfum d'une rose." when self is willingly exchange its miserable life to smell the scent of rose. it's not worth it. I used to feel that way, honestly. I wanted to release my misery so much, I would take anything to get me out of the misery I had. Until my friend, told me about value. Value. I realize, that misery I had, probably I still have, is a self-infliction. I once heard this saying, "You may fuck up your life once or twice, but don't let life fuck you up." what we need to understand is that we have value. we create our own value, and nothing can take it away from us, no matter how bad misery can haunt us. so remember, to always value yourself despite all the bad things that we've done. 

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