Thursday, May 23, 2013


Emancipation, is what should be a weapon to erase sexism and misogynists. The truth is, some girls in my nation still have the conservative ideas of being a woman. Honestly, I think women need to feel that they're emancipated. So they should just feel confident. It's okay to text guys first, it's okay to ask him out, it's okay. stop having such an excessive image issue. It's okay to initiate. It's not aggressive, it's creative. I mean as long as it's okay, and it's not inappropriate and it's not violating any values and norms, why wait. There are guys who are silent as a vibrating phone who won't make a move. It's okay for girls to make a move. It's 2013, peeps. It's not the era of metaphors, nor allegories. everything needs to be fixed, and everything has to get to the point. Indonesian people can only get friends in school, or courses, or by being introduced to our friend's friend. But in the western countries, dare I say, everywhere provides a chance to get to know people. And they won't freak out when we talk. So jeez, girls. It's 2013. feel a little bit emancipated sometimes.

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