Sunday, April 7, 2013


This is probably the weakest term for me this year. I honestly don't know what to believe. Everything can be so real and so fake at the same time. It gets me confused and dazed yet so curious about it. I tried to question myself, but myself questioned me back, asking,, "You sure it really is doing like that?"
And I'd say, "I don't even know."

Lately, I've been quiet confused of what I want. Like, I can get easily sad and happy in random times. I don't even have a destination anymore. And for now, seems like, nothing matters. Good score, bad score, good friends, bad friends, good days, bad days, good guys, bad guys, good time, bad time... they're just passing by. And somehow I just float following their flow, and in the end, I will be doing okay.

There's no reason for me to feel such apathy like this. But nothing interests me much lately. Perhaps, perhaps I need something new, something great or bad to just, punch my back and wake me up again. But still, I don't know where to find that thing. 
Seems like, I have to wait for the thing to come to me...

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