Saturday, April 6, 2013

Welcome to the family, Sixav!

Hello everyone, say hi to my new family member, Sixav.
Yes, He's a guitar. We just adopted him today, April 6 2013. That's why my dad and me, I mean, that's why I named it Sixav; Six Avril (April Six). It's french, but the shortened version "Sixav" makes it sound... russian-ish. It's so awesome.

I've never named anything. So I thought, maybe it'd be cool to name our new guitar... Because it's really special. We bought it for a cheap price. Yet, it still has a great quality. We even drove to North Jakarta, to reach this music store, "Detton Music" where we met Sixav.  

We're all still adapting with Sixav. My fingers hurt when I tried to play today. So were my dad's. Sixav's sound is really different from our old guitar's sound. Sixav's sounds louder and happier.

I was really excited knowing that my dad was going to buy a new guitar. I wanted to get a black one, but eww negro. hahaha just kidding. I am really eager now... eager to learn more, eager to sing along with Sixav. We'll really make him comfortable here.

Anyways... It's almost midnight here, I should get some sleep.
good night blog, good night Sixav!
Ti Amo.

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