Sunday, April 21, 2013

That Person.

There are people, I wish I never met. Some people can be way too good, you just can't give such price to thank them. But some people can give too much slash, you hate them so much you want them out of your life. Honestly, we can choose to be either of them, and would still be okay in the morning, drinking tea, despite the thoughts that other people wish they had never known us. But still, okay. I can get so angry at times, I only wish bad things would happen to that person. Yet I can be so melancholy that I wish that person would come back, saying "hello". In public places I wish I would never meet that person, but sometimes I wish, that person would just pass me by. And I would see the eyes, and clothes, and maybe watch, shoes. And I would just, glance, hoping that person would glance back at me. Maybe I would smile, and, that person would smile, and maybe we could go have a cup of coffee, and maybe I would have what I could've had. In this case, I'd rather remain silent. Because this person, has got me wishing 2 wishes at the same time; the wish that I wished to would be delighted to be met with that person, and the wish that I  wished to would just see the person die. However, The unspoken thoughts have always been the best. Neither you, nor I will speak the truth. Only silence can tell us the truth in the end. 

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