Sunday, April 21, 2013


Okay. No more International-Relation shits. I've decided to take Journalism major in University. I realized, that didn't have enough interest in International-Relation kind of studies, so I stopped wanting to study those. I've always wanted to be a writer. Like, any writer. Like, I mean seriously, any writer. Articles, novels, short stories, movies, poems, even songs. It's not like I actually have the ability to write them all... But at least I've always had the endless interest of them. Since I was in kindergarten. I used to make up stories about mexican people living in the south of my house. Sadly, my friends believed in that story, without trying to convince whether I was telling the truth or not. Mum bought me a magazine, with mexican celebrities in it, and I would lie to my friends, telling that I've hung out with those mexicans, and again, they believed it. Or maybe they were just pretending to believe it, but still. As I learned how to write, I wrote silly stories in elementary. I wrote poems, and drama plays for bahasa assignment. And what awesome is, my passion of writing never fades. I told my Mum that I'd take literature major in college, but she vehemently, refused my wants, so I stopped wanting to study literature in college. And Ta-da. I found like, the perfect destination for me; journalism. Like, I'm sure that I will never get bored of it. So yeah, I'm pretty excited actually. I really want to get out of High School as soon as possible. hehe.

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