Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kemang Fashion Week; Diva Glam

Hello blog. I've been wanting to really post this writing since last week. But my computer is actually on a feud with blogspot. And I just can't open my blog in the computer. So I had to beg my brother, to let me borrow his green notebook, so I can blog my thoughts out. And today, after washing his shoes, he finally let me borrowed it. :/ 

On April 13, 2013. Me and my friend Qya, went to the marvelous Kemang Fashion Week that was held in Lippo Mall Kemang, in Kemang, South Jakarta. There we attended 2 packets of fashion show; "Urban Infashion" and "Glam Rock Fashion Nite out". It was actually Qya's first fashion week. And it was our first time visiting the Lippo Mall Kemang. People there were gorgeous. I mean, literally gorgeous. Qya told me maybe that mall is the storage of all beautiful people. 

So we saw many collections during both of those fashion shows. In Urban Infashion, we saw Levi's collection, Bonia, Carlo Rino, I AM, The Little Things She Needs, and Bling. The collection was so-so. My favorite was Bonia. I absolutely loved the bags.

In Glam Rock Fashion Nite Out, we saw Polo by Ralph Lauren, Jack Nicklaus, Promod, and Bebe. Polo men fashion show was a mess. there was this caucasian guy, who was performing as a model there on the stage, and he was chewing gum. I was like, really? chewing gum? It's such a shame to see so not professional model. I mean if he didn't want to perform, then don't. Also, the parade was ruined. It wasn't the time for the parade, yet the models were already coming out and kind of doing a parade, yet some models would still pose to the camera. So they did 2 parades. Since the first one was such a mess. But still, the rest of the collections showed a good collections. Before Bebe performing their fashion show, there were these awesome male dancers, performing their dance. I was excited seeing that. and also was Ryan. 
So this is Ryan, Ryan Syah, the member of AM PM; the Indonesian duet group. Well we were sitting next to each other. So before leaving the fashion show, I took a picture with him. 

It was nice meeting him, although the beginning of our conversation didn't work well, I was embarrassing myself as usual. But well, that's okay. I mean everything needs process right? Hahaha. Anyways, learned my lesson, I won't be embarrassing again, well not that way. 
After the shows are over, Qya and me met up with the models. They were all gorgeous, and They actually came from various nations, like Brazil, Ukraine, etc. They were so tall and I was so tiny. I looked like a 12 years old fan girl in the photos. oh damn. So anyways, that's my story. I had a great time in Kemang Fashion Week. And I can't wait to just attend another fashion week and meet some great people again. Au revoir peeps!

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