Sunday, June 30, 2013

3rd Day of UIFW, section 3. "Pimping Denim"

Section 3, "Pimping Denim" is actually a fashion show which based on UIFW orginal concept. this show was opened by the girls from Green Sands. They performed their catwalks wearing these "edited" Green Sands t-shirts. This section showed collections from Brandley, Elvacka, and Ennyjeans(not sure of the name).
They were showing jeans, and t-shirts, until... the last fashion show started. These guys came out with skinny jeans in various colors and white t-shirt in a parade. and then they went back into the backstage, and they came out again, shirtless! I was gasping and shocked. But unfortunately, the audiences weren't hysterical. Though I wanted them to be hysterical. -_- so yeah, the last fashion show was so sick I wish people would've been as, euphoric as I had expected before. :/

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