Saturday, June 15, 2013


Once, I had known this guy named Marc, we were exchanging music. And he gave me, this german song, "Der Preis des Lebens" The price of life. As I read its lyrics, and as I tried to translate them, I found this line on the chorus, "Der Preis des Lebens ist der Tod". It says, the price of life is death.
If I set my brain to stop being lazy and think long way back to the ancient times, we human, we know we all will die. Kidneys will pop up, brain will sink, lungs will get wet, tongue won't be able to speak, neck won't be able to nod. God is like, a farmer, and we're like his chickens... being alive only to be sent to death when the time comes. God himself told us, nothing is made as a wreckage. Yet, in the end, we all won't matter at all. So maybe Bohse Onkelz, the german band was right. "Der Preis des Lebens ist der Tod" 

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