Sunday, June 23, 2013


Last week, my friends and I went to Puncak West Java, to take pictures with sunrise, in order to create a cover of our annual school party and championship "Sparctix". It was such a great experience. We left from Jakarta at 12 am, and we arrived in Puncak, specifically we arrived in this mosque on top of the mountain, and we ate ginger cereal... "sekoteng" in the parking lot. The wind was blowing real hard. It was so cold that night. We left to find the location at 3 am, and we arrived in this hill where we took pictures at around 4 am. We explored the location. At around 4:30, the red light started to show, yellow light mixed with pink and purple, all the sun's reflection was becoming so various and various. We took pictures as the lights suited the scenery and the camera. We took pictures there, and those pictures above, were two of the pictures we have taken. at around 6:30, we left to visit another location. We arrived at 7:30 in the second location. we took some pictures again, and then we finally went back home to Jakarta. As you read my post, this trip might seemed so.. so-so. But for me it was super fun. My favorite part is when I got to eat sekoteng with my friends, and figuring the concepts of the pictures, it was amazing. Honestly, I didn't go with super close friends. Only the girls I know very well, but the boys... I don't know them that well, but still, I felt really comfortable, and relax. A midnight trip to West Java to capture sunrise... Paradise.

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