Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dedicated to My Mum

Dear Mum,

Thinking about how strong you are, how hard-working you are, I regret my own self for not inheriting those attitudes from you. None of your children did. I tried, but that's just not me. I don't like cleaning up the house, I don't like sweeping, doing laundry, wiping dust, I like re organizing my cupboard, and my "miniature" collections on my bookshelf. But to be the most honest of me, I will try, so hard to make you see that I am the miniature of you, that I am the hard working cleaning addicted like you. Because eventually you will appreciate me when I am tired. And I will try to be tired everyday so you will stop complaining how dusty my room is, or how bad my grades, or how whiny I can get, or how desperate I can get. I will try being tired, or just pretending that I've done enough to make me tired. what for? Only to make you happy. If seeing me tired, exhausted, full of fatigue, you will be happy, won't you. To be the most honest of me right now, I don't feel well. Indeed, I am really tired. I love you. 


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