Thursday, December 15, 2011

Be gone.

Life goes on, we should move on, don't stick around. 
I don't like life now. If I could ever take a shortcut, I would. People are made to be come and gone. Problems are made to be solved. I like stalemate now. it's actually similar to Gossen's law.
I barely push myself to face my problems right now... I even hate it. I feel like, there's no need to fix it, cause it'll get fixed soon.  maybe. i don't even care now. I hate it. i don't give a shit about it and i won't. its's up to you. I'll be an adult in 2 years and will be able to play GTA, and also will be able to go anywhere i like and do anything i like, I mean even my country even permits that  right?
Fidy's sick. she needs pills hahaha
or maybe just a mercy.

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