Sunday, December 4, 2011


So the lappy started to work with Linux yesterday. I am now like a woman trying to operate a braille crossword, which is dumb. but since windows has been messing with this lappy, oh well yeah we took LInux.

I've been trying to blog the shit out of my ass. the fuck you have, fid? i can'tput my shit on my blog or can i? nope I can't.

I've been trying to blog my heart out. It's been quiet, abstract. on-off feelings have been felt these days. The only thing i know is that, I miss the old feeling of everything; the fresh morning air i took on the first day of high school. it was, monday i think. and the closest feel i've been even though it was the farthest position i've been. okay this is gonna confuse you to death.
The most important thing is that, I miss you... us. 
it takes my nerves to set up a nostalgic thought everytime i sit alone in silence. it's not like it's been such a personal urge to, go back. but it seems like i don't wanna deal with this situation. at least not without you. or i don't know. i feel like i haven't really solved the prob with you. is this what you call the L word, or just another miserable yearning? I don't know.
Me, blogging here is just interpretating. I have zero percent of being sarcastic to anyone right now. so go fucking erase your negative thought.

well so long, sleep tight memories. we shall meet again

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