Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day One. 1st Movie; KATYN.

 This is the first movie I watched. I'm trying to do this  Movie-reporting Challenge during this vacation, so yeah. enjoy.
Katyn. Have you ever heard of it? Katyn crime... um Katyn forest?
This movie is about Katyn Forest Massacre during the World War Two. It's a polish movie. so better watch it with a translation

Soviet began to help Poland to defeat Germany in September 1939 (I guess?). Some soldiers of Poland were hijacked by the red army (Soviets) and became their prisoners. however, soviets claimed that they were there to help, so people would trust them. in 1940, thousands of prisoners were brought to Katyn Forest, in Russia about 400 km away from Moscow. soviets = russia by the way. those prisoners were killed there. what stupid was, the soviets falsely reported that those soldiers were killed by the germans. people were furious at germans, but some polish citizens slowly found out that soviet betrayed them; that soviets were the ones who killed the polish soldiers. i think thats why hitler would hate stalin so much. i mean what an asshole, right?

the movie was depressing for me. it was interesting though. but it was depressing. you have to watch it really carefully so you can understand the whole movie. the plots were mixed i guess... it started with a flashforward at the beginning, and there was this flashback plot at the end. so the plots were mixed up. better watch it carefully.

It's a great movie afterall. it kinda showed me that Hitler wasn't that bad.. duh! i mean it was a war, people would manipulate each other.... so yeah. boo stalin, hail hitler, poor polish. -_-

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