Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rainy Saturday

Things happen when it rains. 
I would know.

In germany, they'll say "Du wirst es verkraften"
But I am not in germany, and nobody will tell me that, so yeah. 

I knew you were going to leave me. but I don't want to know when that is. I don't wanna know how, I just want to realize that someday, there's something missing and I'll just be, okay with it.
But I always know. I always know when you are leaving me, how you're leaving me, and how I'm going to feel about it. 

And everything's just gonna be teary. 

Take a deep breath.  go on, type again.

I am losing you more and more everyday. It's like, a slow motion process. and I know it's happening. I know it's happening.

type again.
now stop.

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